The time has come: discover the new Apple Watch Series 4

14 September 2018


It’s time to revamp your wrist. The new Apple Watch Series 4 was revealed at the company’s recent annual event, sporting a fresh design and a heap of handy new features.

Got a few minutes to spare? Here’s our rundown of what’s great about the new Apple Watch:

Looking great

In line with Apple’s new phones, Apple Watch Series 4 embraces an edge-to-edge display, meaning you see even more screen – 30% more. The larger screen makes it easier to read messages on the move, check apps and track your fitness. 

It's a stunning watch and has been redesigned and re-engineered with curved corners and a gorgeous gold, silver or space grey casing.

New watch faces let you personalise your Apple Watch Series 4 to suit your style. You can add calendar appointments, music shortcuts, temperature updates, UV information and even sunrise and sunset times.

You can also place photos of your favourite contacts on your watch face for quick and convenient calls, add your most-used fitness apps for workout and nutritional details at a glance, or follow how your football team is doing with live score updates.

And it’s not just the front of Apple Watch Series 4 that’s had a makeover. The sides have had a shake-up too. The digital crown will now gently vibrate when you’re making an input – like when you text on your smartphone.

The back of the watch is made from black ceramic and sapphire crystal, which looks great and improves cellular reception. So it’s better for staying connected. And that’s on top of the 50% louder speaker, which has been re-positioned to greatly reduce echo on your calls and Siri commands.

Inner strength

It’s not just the design that’s been improved on the new Apple Watch Series 4. The new S4 chip transforms the watch into the ultimate health and fitness companion. Apple Watch Series 4 is two times faster than the Apple Watch Series 3, with an 18-hour all-day battery life, which performs up to six hours outdoors with full GPS. This means you can track all your runs or wear your Apple Watch Series 4 while swimming.

Plus, there’s a faster and more powerful accelerometer and gyroscope, which opens up some incredible new features.

Health hero

With a new and improved accelerometer and gyroscope on board, the new Apple Watch Series 4 can detect falls and automatically call the emergency services. It’s a feature that you’ll hopefully never have to use, but it could potentially save your life.

What’s more, the built-in heart sensor has three new features: notifications for low heart rate, irregular heart rate, which could pick up atrial fibrillation, and an electrical heart sensor, which you can use to take an electrocardiogram (ECG).

The ability to take an ECG at home on your Apple Watch Series 4 is a true first. You can even track trends and send the results to your GP as a PDF. You simply have to place your finger on the watch’s digital crown to get a reading.

Fighting fit

Competition fuels fitness – so now you can challenge friends to seven-day competitions to see who’s the fitness king or queen. The winner is determined by how close you come to closing your Activity rings.

Want to beat your mates and secure bragging rights? Apple Watch Series 4 is by your side to help you achieve your goals and let you know how you’re getting on, so you can bask in glory and celebrate with a trophy in the Activity app on your iPhone.

Joggers can make sure they don’t get ahead of themselves, or fall behind, with timely pace alerts. Hikers and yoga enthusiasts also benefit from new workout options that track your progress more accurately.

Time to chat

The new Apple Watch Series 4 takes advantage of watchOS 5, which features a cool Walkie-Talkie feature. This lets you turn your Apple Watch into a retro walkie-talkie. Simply open the app and tap to talk to your fellow Apple Watch users over WiFi or 4G – right from your wrist. It’s a great way to have short chats, share quick updates and keep friends motivated while working out.

Apple Watch Series 4 is the perfect way to stay fit, healthy and connected.

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