Video: The Samsung Galaxy Fold revealed

18 April 2019

We love getting hands-on with the latest phones. It’s great fun trying out all the new features and seeing how they’ve improved the cameras, display and performance. But it’s not often we get to try out something truly revolutionary that can totally transform the smartphone experience. Step forward the Samsung Galaxy Fold…

We got to spend some time with Samsung’s new foldable phone to see just what it could do. Check out the video above for a review of the Galaxy Fold’s top features.

Here are three that really stood out:

The sophisticated design 

The first thing we noticed was just how elegant the Galaxy Fold looks. Samsung’s Foldable phone opens just like a book, with a satisfying sound when you fully open and close it. Inspired by the precision of watch mechanics, the phone’s hinge looks and feels strong and secure. You’ll know you’re holding a superior-quality, high-end device.

In phone mode, the Galaxy Fold features a 4.6” display. The compact form-factor makes it an easy and convenient way to make calls, take photos and glance at updates on the move.

Unfolding the phone reveals a stunning 7.3” tablet-like display. It’s slim, sleek and seamless. Switching to the tablet gives you more screen space to immerse yourself in content, whether you’re streaming sport, watching a film or getting into a good game.

The six cameras on board 

The Galaxy Fold has six cameras in total: three on the back and two on the front when the phone’s unfolded. What’s more, there’s a selfie camera on the front of the phone when it’s folded. You can snap away on the Galaxy Fold when it’s folded or unfolded, so it covers you for all your camera needs.

The rear-facing cameras include a 12-megapixel telephoto lens, 12-megapixel wide-angle shooter and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera. Take close-ups or fit more into the frame of your photo – and see it all unfold on the massive 7.3” display, which you can use as a viewfinder when the phone’s in tablet mode.

A 10-megapixel selfie camera and 8MP depth camera let you take beautiful portrait shots with natural-looking blurred backgrounds, or for quick selfie shots on the fly you can always rely on the 10-megapixel selfie camera on the front of the phone when it’s folded.

The camera on the front cover is really useful. It enables you to take photos with one hand – just pull the phone out your pocket, point and shoot. Then you can seamlessly switch from the phone to the tablet to review and edit your photos.

The new app continuity feature

Having two screens means you can do more with your phone. The Galaxy Fold’s app continuity feature makes everyday tasks easier by seamlessly transferring your app from screen to screen when you fold or unfold your phone.

This works on all native apps, such as Google Maps and Messages. So you could use Google Maps on the tablet screen to set your destination and plan your route, and use the 4.6” display while navigating on the move. With Messages, you could use the larger on-screen keyboard to type more accurately – or when you’re sending emails. If you’re using Instagram, photos will automatically fill the screen when you unfold the phone. Expect other apps to follow suite soon.

The 7.3” Infinity Flex display powers productivity too. Split screen allows you to work with three apps on-screen at the same time, so you can easily view content while updating your social feed and typing a message or cross-referencing an email or your calendar.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is certainly no ordinary phone. 

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