Why EE smart number will transform making calls on your Apple devices

8 June 2018

We can all agree that it feels like your world is coming to end when you have 1% battery left and no charger in sight. But now with our smart number technology, you don’t need your phone to be on, or even with you to make and receive calls and texts.

How? Well, we’re making sure your number now works on up to five of your Apple devices – not just your iPhone. And unlike Facetime, you don’t always need to be on WiFi and you can seamlessly transfer your calls from your other Apple devices to your iPhone.

How does it work?

You can use your number on all your Apple devices to make and receive calls and texts. All you have to do is make sure your iPhone and your other Apple devices are using the same iCloud account, then you can set it up when you turn on your Calls on other devices settings on your iPhone.

Do I have to be on EE?

Yes, this is exclusive to only EE customers on a pay monthly or small business plan with an iPhone 6 or newer.

How much does it cost?

It’s free and can take as little as 10MB from your data for a 30 minute call.

How do I make calls from other Apple devices and move it to my iPhone?

Imagine you start a call on your iPad, and then need to go out – you can move it over to your iPhone by double tapping (iPhone 8 or earlier) or swiping up (iPhone X) to the app switcher. Then just tap the small icon at the bottom of your screen with the call and it’s as simple as that.

Find out more about EE smart number works and how you can move your calls on the go.

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