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Download the terms and conditions for the Clone Phone app (.pdf 92 KB) >

Clone Phone App Service Terms and Conditions to check if your phone is compatible. The app is free to download but data charges may apply when you visit the app store and download the app or if we send the app software updates. and follow the instructions. If you have an iPhone you won't be able to use the lock, alarm or wipe services. Remember, you'll need to set up Find-My-Phone in the app before you can use it, so follow the instructions after you download the app.

additional terms with our insurance provider, Allianz, will apply. Please take time to read the insurance and warranty terms. Remember, to get a replacement phone within 24 hours you'll need to call and your claim to be accepted before 7.30pm. The 24-hour offer excludes customers living in Northern Ireland, Isle of Lewis, Inverness, Isle of Arran, Orkney Isles, Hebrides, Perthshire, Isles of Scilly, Shetland Isles and Isle of Wight.

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