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Here are the most common issues customers have with the BT Sport app.

Forgotten BT ID passwords

You can reset your BT Sport password within the BT Sport app or by visiting the forgotten passwords page on the BT website.

Either way, you'll need to use your BT ID username (this is the email address you used when you registered) to allow you to reset your password.

We will send a link to that email address, and the link will take you to a page to answer your security question and reset your new password.

Once you've reset your BT ID password, you can log in to the BT Sport app again.

Location services must be switched on to view video

To view video content on the BT Sport app, the location services feature needs to be switched on or enabled - even if you're in the UK. Many people switch this feature off to save their battery life so it's important to switch it back on if you want to use the BT Sport app. 

On iOS devices, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Location services for Android and Windows devices are usually found in Settings.

Parental controls

Some of the content available on the app may be inappropriate for younger viewers, like links to gambling sites and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). If you’re concerned about this, you can set up parental controls by visiting the following pages:

Viewing content on the BT Sport website

You can login to the BT Sport website using your BT ID and password, but you won’t be able to view premium video content. This is because your subscription is for the BT Sport app only.

What happens if I upgrade my EE pay monthly account?

If you upgrade, you’ll still get the service with no interruption.

Technical advice if you're having trouble with picture quality

Tips if you're connecting over WiFi

  • try another WiFi connection
  • try moving closer to the WiFi signal
  • ask other people using the same connection to stop downloading large files or streaming content.

Tips if you're connecting to the app over 3G or 4G

  • try connecting over WiFi where possible
  • move to find a stronger signal
  • try checking your coverage
  • close or uninstall other apps running on your device. Data storage apps in particular use a lot of data.

Error codes

While you’re registering or using the BT Sport app, if you see an error code, take a note of it and check below for advice on what to do. If you're still struggling, check our other sources of help

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