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Everything you need to know about accessing your account information quickly by text.

Here's a list of the current keywords you can text to 450 and the service we'll provide if you're on pay as you go.

 Service you'd like to receive  Keyword to text to 450
 General information about how to use the service  HELP
 What else can I do via the service  MORE
 Check my pay as you go credit balance  BALANCE
 Check the remaining balance of my pay as you go  bundles  BUNDLES
 Check if Roaming is set up for my number  ROAMING
 What's my mobile number?  NUMBER
 View my current Magic Numbers  MAGIC
 Download links for the My EE app  APP
 Check my Phone Fund balance  PHONE
 Top up with a voucher  VOUCHER
 Check if Safeguard is active on my number*  SAFEGUARD
 Basic info about our reward plans  PLAN or ANIMAL
 Specific plan information, including rewards for  each top up amount. To  choose the plan reply  YES or NO.


 Manage the activation or ceasing of BlackBerry  services  START BB/STOP BB

*If you send SAFEGUARD to 450 you'll receive a reply telling you if your Safeguard is currently turned on (preventing you from viewing adult content) or off (allowing you to view adult content).

If the reply you receive tells you it's turned off then you can turn it on by replying to the message with YES. Your request will be recognised whether it's sent in lower case or upper case.

We'll continue to update this page with other great services available to you as they're introduced, so keep checking back.

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