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Orange Photography allows you to upload your photos to an online storage area to ensure they’re safely backed up. Once they’re uploaded, you can print your photos or turn them into fantastic photo books, mugs, calendars, canvases, cards and much more!

Please note, this article is only applicable to you if you have an Orange phone that came with the Orange Photography application installed.  

If you’re looking for information on photo messaging click here

How do I upload photos?

It’s simple.  If you have Orange Photography application installed on your Orange phone, when you take a photo you’ll see a pop-up box that will ask you to upload the photo to your album.  

How much does it cost to upload a photo?

It will cost you 

  • 50p per MB on pay monthly
  • 55p per MB on pay as go

How do I print my photos?

You can print your photos using the Orange Photography application. Plus there are a range of print options available including photo books, mugs, calendars, canvases and cards. 


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