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If you're looking for Live Chat to talk to EE Customer Services or Technical Support, you can access it in these ways:

  • Log in to My EE - this is where we provide most of our online support
  • Across the Help part of the EE website - browse any Help pages and we’ll pop up an invite to chat to one of the team
  • Visit our contact us page

What support is available in Live Chat?

• This service is for EE contract customers only
• The team are skilled in account management, billing and technical inquiries about your mobile phone
• We can also discuss your upgrade options with you - just log in to My EE

What does EE chat not yet support?
• Home Broadband, EE TV or landline inquiries
• Orange or T-Mobile customers
• Pay as you go customers
• Business accounts

For all of these types of inquiry – please use the Contact Us page

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