How do I set up EE TV?

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EE TV gives you more than 70 TV channels – on your TV or on your mobile. You can also record your favourite programmes as well as replay and restart programmes.

What do I need to get EE TV?

What do I need to get EE TV?

  1. EE Home Broadband – if you're already a customer, you'll need to sign up for a new 18-month contract for EE TV and Home Broadband

  2. a TV with a spare HDMI socket or SCART socket

  3. a broadband speed of at least 4 megabits per second (4Mbps). Not sure what speed you're getting? You can test your broadband speed

  4. a TV aerial – rooftop or loft aerials work best. Satellite dishes won't work and we don’t recommend using a set-top aerial

  5. a TV licence for your home

  6. good digital TV signal strength in your area

    > Check the coverage where you live

Don't forget your TV aerial

You will need a rooftop TV aerial to get your digital TV, radio channels and programme guide with EE TV.

No rooftop aerial? Find a registered fitter at either getmedigital or CAI Trade Gateway to get a one fitted. It's possible to use an indoor aerial but the signal may not be strong enough.

If you use a communal aerial in a block of flats you may need to check with your landlord or housing association.

If you already get Freeview, you’re probably okay for EE TV.

> Check the Freeview signal in your area

How do I watch EE TV on my phone or tablet?

How do I watch EE TV on my phone or tablet?

Once you’ve got EE TV installed, you can download the EE TV app from your device’s app store. You can then watch EE TV on your phone or tablet, wherever you are.

> Find out more about the EE TV app

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Last updated: 18/2/2019
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