What’s the EE TV Interactive Setup Guide?

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The EE TV box and router are specially designed to be easy to set up yourself. Follow our six-step guide to get yours up and running.

How do I set up my EE TV box and router?

How do I set up my EE TV box and router?

Step 1 – Check your EE TV box

Everything you need should be in the box of EE TV goodies we sent you – check that you’ve got everything before you start:


    EE TV set-top box


    power plug


    Ethernet, aerial and HDMI cables


    EE TV remote control and batteries


    aerial adaptor


    quick start guide

Step 2 – Connect your aerial

If you already have a working aerial cable, connect it to the IN socket on your EE TV box.

If you have an aerial wall socket but no cable, use the aerial cable and the adaptor we sent you with your EE TV.

If you already receive these channels on these channel numbers, you have the correct type of digital aerial for EE TV:


    ITV2 on channel 6


    Dave on channel 12


    ITV3 on channel 10


    Music on channel 18

Your aerial

No rooftop aerial? You can find a registered fitter at getmedigital or CAI Trade Gateway.

It’s possible to use an indoor aerial, but the signal may not be strong enough.

If you use a communal aerial in a block of flats you may need to check with your landlord or housing association.

In both cases, if you already get Freeview, you’re probably okay for EE TV.

Step 3 – Plug in your HDMI cable

Got an HDMI socket in your TV?

Plug the HDMI cable we sent you into your TV and your EE TV box.

No HDMI socket in your TV?

You’ll need a SCART cable. You can use your own or get them from us >

Step 4 – Connect EE TV to your router

Plug your Ethernet cable into your EE TV box. Then plug the other end into any spare yellow socket on your Bright Box router.

No connection? Try plugging in a laptop to make sure your cable’s working properly.

Once your EE TV box is switched on, you’ll have the option to connect using WiFi. You’ll need your password and username to do this – they’re on a label on your router.

If your router and your TV are too far apart to get a good signal over WiFi, you could try using Powerline adaptors.

Step 5 – Switch on

Put the AAA batteries in the back of the remote control.

Switch your EE TV box on.

Press the red power button – top right on your remote. The green light on the front of your EE TV box will flash. Once it’s solid green, your onscreen start-up will begin.

Use your remote to follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 6 – Turn on, tune in

Press the SOURCE, AV or INPUT button on your TV remote.

Wait a few seconds. If you don’t see an EE screen, press the button again. You may have to press the button several times until you’ve found the name of the socket that you used to connect your EE TV Box to your TV set in step 2.

You’ll then see the EE TV screen ... you’re all set to enjoy EE TV.

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Last updated: 22/11/2018
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