Take or view a picture

    Activate the camera
    Press Camera
    If the video recorder is activated:
    Press the camera icon
    The object you are pointing the camera lens at is displayed

  1. Take the picture
    Point the camera lens at the required object
    Press the camera icon to take the picture
    The picture is saved automatically under a default name

  2. Select option
    Besides taking pictures as described in step 2, you have a number of other options
    Choose one of the following options:
    Activate or deactivate flash, go to 3a
    Change camera, go to 3b

    a) Activate or deactivate flash
    Press the flash icon in the top left corner of the display
    Press On or Off

    b) Change camera
    Press the camera icon in the top right corner of the display
    Depending on the current setting the exterior camera or the interior camera is activated

  3. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to stand-by mode.

View a picture

You can see pictures taken with the camera. Follow these instructions to see a picture.

  1. Find Photos
    Press Photos

  2. View picture
    Press the required folder
    Press the required picture

  3. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode
Last updated: 28/12/2018
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