Apps and battery life

Smartphones can complete a variety of tasks such as emails. They have their own processors, graphic interfaces and run the latest applications, or apps, to make your day to day life easier and more enjoyable.

All this needs power to run, which puts additional pressure on your battery life.

All BlackBerry devices are classified as smartphones. You can help your battery life though by making sure you end any apps you are using and make sure they aren't running in the background.

Just like at home when you have finished watching TV it's more economical to turn it off than it is to leave it on standby. This is the same with apps running on your BlackBerry smartphone. If you close them down rather than leave them running, it will save your battery power.

How to check if there are any apps running in the backgrounde background

Just because your BlackBerry smartphone is on the homescreen, it doesn't mean that there isn't an app running in the background, slowly using up your battery life. To check which apps you have running, press and hold the BlackBerry key and you'll see the following pop up:
These are all the applications currently running on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Closing unwanted appsnwanted apps

  1. Select the app you want to close by highlighting and pressing on the trackpad or trackball to access the app
  2. Once in the app, press the menu key and highlight close or exit and then select
  3. If you're unsure if the app has closed, press and hold in the BlackBerry key and see if the app is still in the list

The app is now closed and will not be using an additional power.

Please note: Some apps may have both close and exit within the menu. If this is the case select Exit.
There are a few apps that will always run in the background so you can't actually close them. There are five icons that will always be displayed and cannot be shut down.

These are:
Home: Not actually an app but will always be displayed. Selecting this will take you to your home screen.

Messages: This is your messages app for your emails and will always be running.

Phone: Not actually an app but will always be displayed. Selecting this will take you to your phone screen.

Browser: Not actually an app but will always be displayed. Selecting this will take you to your browser.

BlackBerry Messenger: This is your BlackBerry Messenger app and will always be running.

In addition there are some additional apps that cannot be closed down but you can make sure they are off. For example:
"": This app cannot be closed down but can be turned off. A red cross denotes that it is off and a green tick means it's on.

The best way to check if an app can't be closed is to access the app, press the BlackBerry key and look for either Exit or Close in the list of options.

Last updated: 31/12/2018
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