Change wireless speed

Your Bright Box router uses 20MHz of bandwidth for wireless connections. When used with a compatible wireless adapter, this allows your computer to connect to the router at speeds of up-to 144Mbps.

The router also supports speeds of up-to 300Mbps by dual-bonding two wireless channels. You can enable this feature from the Channel and SSID page by changing the bandwidth setting to 20/40MHz. To do this:

  1. From a computer connected to your Bright Box router, go to (opens in a new tab or window)

  2. The router's LOGIN SCREEN will open

  3. Enter the username and password for the admin pages
    - The username is admin (all lower case)
    - The password can be found on a sticker on your router

  4. Click LOGIN

  5. Select BASIC

  6. Select Wireless Settings, and then SSID Management in the left menu

  7. The SSID MANAGEMENT page will open

  8. From the Bandwidth menu, select 20/40MHz


  10. Your new settings will be applied

Sometimes, interference with other wireless networks can cause your router to switch between 40MHz and 20MHz. This means you might not always get the full benefit of up-to 300Mbps speeds.

Your speed is also dependent on the type of wireless adapter you're using.

  • 802.11b/g adapters - the maximum speed is 54Mbps
  • 802.11n - some adapters may only get 65Mbps, 130Mbps or 144Mbps

See the help and support site for your wireless device to check supported speeds and if updated drivers are available.

Last updated: 11/2/2019
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