Connect using WiFi

Your Bright Box 2 supports:

  • 2.4GHz (B,G and N) for maximum device compatibility and range
  • 5GHz (N and AC) for better wireless performance and speed (on supported devices)

Wireless settings

To connect a computer or device to your Bright Box router, you'll need:

  • Your wireless network name (also called an SSID), e.g. EE-1a2b3c or 5GHz-EE-1a2b3c
  • Your wireless password (also called a security key or wireless network key)

You'll find these on a sticker on the bottom of your router and on your KEEP MEE card:

Connect your devices

To connect, simply:

  1. Open the wireless software on your computer or device
  2. Find and select your router's wireless network name
    - If there's one starting 5GHz-EE, your device supports 5GHz wireless
    - If not, use the one starting EE-
  3. Select Connect or Join
  4. Enter your wireless password and connect
  5. Your device will now connect to your Bright Box 2
Last updated: 6/2/2019
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Connect using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)