Set up Access Control

Access control on the Bright Box router helps you to control what your internet connection is used for by people connected to your home network. Rules can be put in place for every computer and device connected to your home network, or for a specific computer. You can select from a list of commonly used applications, (e.g. web pages, outgoing mail, or FTP) or specify your own service based on the port the application uses.

We'll use blocking all web sites as an example, however you adapt the instructions.

  1. If you want to create a rule for one or a couple of devices, reserve an IP address first.
  2. Log in to the Bright Box 2 admin pages and navigate to the Firewall menu in ADVANCED
  3. In the Firewall menu, select Access Control

  4. Select Add Device Filtering Rule 

  5. Give your rule a name - in the example below our rule is called Block Websites
  6. In the Client Device IP Address field, enter either:
    - One IP address, e.g. 17~17
    - A range of IP address e.g. 17~24 
    - For all devices connected to your router e.g. 2~254
  7. In Client Device Service you'll find a list of services you can restrict traffic for - in the example below, we've selected Blocking in the WWW field

  8. You can also restrict traffic to both TCP and UDP ports - one for expert users
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  10. In the Scheduling Rule menu, select ALWAYS BLOCKING
  11. Click SAVE SETTINGS to add the rule

  12. Settings will be applied

  13. Your rule will be displayed
  14. If this is the first rule you've created, select Enable in Filtering function and SAVE SETTINGS

  15. Your settings rule will be applied

  16. You can select to Edit, or Delete your rule at any time, for example if you wish to restore access, or add more devices to the list
Last updated: 8/2/2019
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