Powering on your phone

Hold down the Power key until the phone powers on. It will take a few seconds before the screen lights up. Unlock your phone (using swipe, your PIN, password or pattern) if necessary. You're now on the home screen.

Never leave your PIN code with your phone. Store this information in a safe place when not in use.

Setting up your phone for the first time

The first time you power on the phone you will be asked to set the following options: language, Google account, date & time, etc:

  1. Select the phone's language, then select the right arrow.
  2. Select WiFi Network, then select Next.
  3. Input your name, then select Next.
  4. Protect your phone, set screen lock now, or touch Skip to move to next setup.
  5. Select Google services, once finished, select Next.
  6. Select a Home screen, then select Next.
  7. Select Help tips, then select Next.

If you power on your phone with no SIM card inserted, you'll still be able to connect to a WiFi network to sign into your Google account and use some of the phone's features.

Powering off your phone

Hold down the Power key from the Home screen until the Phone options appear, then select Shut down.

Last updated: 13/9/2018
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