Connecting your wireless device using PIN code entry

Connect using WPS PIN code entry on the device

  1. Check the label on your Technicolor TG589 router and note the following information:
    • For each access point, a PIN code that is printed next to a WPS logo.

    • The Network Name.
      These are the default values. If you already changed these settings, use the new settings instead.
  2. Go to the WPS PIN code entry page of your wireless client. Consult the documentation of your wireless client for more information.
  3. Enter the PIN code,
    Do not include the hyphen when entering the PIN code. For example, if the PIN code is 1234-5678, then enter 12345678.
  4. Your wireless client may prompt you to select your access point. If this is the case, your access point will be  listed with its Network Name.
    You can find the default network name on the product label of the Technicolor TG589 router.

Connect using WPS PIN code entry on your router

  1. Locate and note the WPS PIN of your wireless client. For more information, consult the documentation of your wireless client.
  2. Browse to the Technicolor TG589 router web interface.
  3. Choose Wireless. The Wireless page appears.
  4. On the left menu, select the access point to which you want to connect the wireless client to.
  5. In the WPS Device PIN code box under Access Point, type the PIN code of your wireless client and click Set PIN code.
Last updated: 14/2/2019
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