Set up a mobile fallback connection

Your Technicolor TG589 router allows you to use a mobile internet connection as fallback connection for your main internet connection. This means that your Technicolor TG589 router will automatically switch to the mobile internet connection when your main internet connection is down.

Downloading and uploading over the mobile internet connection may results in additional charges.

Your Technicolor TG589 router will automatically switch back to the main internet connection as soon as it becomes available again.

What do I need?

To set up mobile fallback connection, you need:

  • a mobile internet dongle (only use the mobile internet dongles provided by your service provider)
  • a registered SIM card

Connect your mobile internet dongle to the Technicolor TG589 router

  1. Make sure that the SIM card is correctly inserted in your mobile internet dongle.
  2. Plug the mobile iInternet dongle into the USB port of your Technicolor TG589 router.

  3. Wait for two minutes to allow your Technicolor TG589 router to detect the mobile internet dongle.

Configure the mobile internet connection

  1. Browse to the Technicolor TG589 router GUI.
  2. Click the Mobile 3G/4G card header
  3. The Mobile 3G/4G page appears. Click the Configuration tab.

  4. Under Mobile Configuration, update the following fields if necessary:
    • APN: Enter the Access Point Name (APN) of your service provider
    • Operator Mode: We recommend you to use the default setting, Automatic (let the TG589 router choose the best operator mode), unless your service provider instructed you to select another mode
    • PIN: The PIN code of your SIM card
  5. Under Network Authentication, provide the username and password provided by your service provider.

    If your service provider did not provide a user name and password, then leave the Username and Password box empty. In this case authentication is not required.

  6. Choose Save and then select Connect.

  7. The mobile connection is now up, but will not be used for internet access unless your main internet connection goes down. Your main connection is always the preferred connection to the internet.
Last updated: 13/2/2019
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