Time of Day access control

Time of Day allows you to create access schedules for internet access.

By default, all devices have permanent access to the internet without any restriction. Time of Day allows you to limit a device’s internet access to specific times and days.

Make sure that:

  • everyone using these devices is aware of the time schedule
  • you protect the Technicolor TG589 router with a password. If not, all users would be able to change the access control rules

Creating an access control rule for a device

  1. Browse to the Technicolor TG589 router web interface.
  2. Select Devices. The Devices page appears and lists all devices that have been connected to the Technicolor TG589 router.
  3. Select the  button of the device for which you want to create a rule.
  4. The Time of day access control section appears.

  5. Switch Enabled to .
  6. In the Mode list, select
    • Allow if you want to specify at what time frames the device should have access the internet.
    • Block if you want to specify at what time frames the device should not have access the internet.
  7. Enter the Start Time and Stop Time as h:mm (for example: 8:10, 23:59).
  8. Next to Weekdays, select the days of the week on which you want this rule to be applied.
  9. Select .

Disabling an access control rule for a device

By removing the access control rule, the device will regain permanent access to the internet.

  1. Browse to the router web interface.
  2. Select Devices. The Devices page appears.
  3. Set the ToD switch for the device to .
  4. The device now has permanent access to the internet.
Last updated: 13/2/2019
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