Assemble your phone

The SIM card contains your phone number.

When you change the SIM card, the phone will automatically get the phone number contained on the new SIM card.

Follow these instructions to change the SIM card and the battery.

Please note: The phone must be turned off when you change the SIM card and the battery.

  1. Remove the back cover
    Turn the back of the phone towards you
    Press the back cover catch downwards and remove the back cover

  2. Remove the battery
    Take hold of the top of the battery and remove it

  3. Remove the SIM card
    Slide the SIM card holder out and remove the SIM card

  4. Insert the SIM card
    Place the SIM card as illustrated in the phone
    Slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder and slide the SIM card holder until it clicks into place

  5. Insert battery
    Place the battery in the phone (bottom first), aligning the battery contacts with the corresponding contacts in the phone, and press the battery into place

  6. Replace the back cover
    Place the back cover on the phone (top first) and press it into place

Change memory card

The memory card is the phone's external memory.

Follow these instructions to change the memory card.

  1. Remove the memory card
    Open the small cover on the top left side of the phone
    Remove the memory card by pressing it and gently removing it from the phone

  2. Insert memory card
    Turn the memory card with the contacts facing upwards
    Insert the card and press it into place
    Close the cover again

Please note: Memory cards may contain demos of various applications. When you insert a memory card, menu items that are not available without the memory card may appear. These menu items are not described in this manual.