Power, battery and charging issues

This guide contains troubleshooting steps and advice to help resolve issues you may experience when attempting to charge the device.

After performing each step, please test to see if the issue is resolved.


  • My battery not charging
  • My battery is not lasting long
  • My device won't charge
  • My device says Charging error
  • My device is failing to charge
  • My display remains black or blank
  • My device has no power
  • My device shows Boot failure
  • My device is overheating

Troubleshooting Questions

  • Are you using the correct equipment?

    Make sure you are using an approved Samsung wall charger and USB charging cable. Other brands of charging accessories may have different voltage parameters and could cause charging issues when used with Samsung devices.

  • Have you charged your device for longer than 30min?

    Leave your device plugged in to the charger for about 30min without powering on. In some cases, it may take slightly longer for your device to charge.

  • Is the battery icon displayed on the screen when charging?

    After charging your device for a little while you should get a battery charging icon appear on the screen which will indicate that your battery is charging properly.

    If the charging icon appears, leave your device for a little longer before you try to switch your device on.

    If however, the screen is blank and nothing is displayed, follow the below troubleshooting steps.

  • Is the charging cable plugged into a USB port?

    Some charging cables can disconnect from the wall outlet adapter and plug directly into a USB port. However, when plugged into a USB port, the charging process is much slower or unavailable due to the limited power output of USB ports. Instead, plug the device directly into a wall outlet to speed up the charging process.

  • Is the outlet faulty?

    Try a different outlet or check for a switch connected to the outlet. If possible, try powering a different device on the same outlet.

  • Does another USB cable, or wall charger work?

    Charging issues can occur if either the battery or charging cable is damaged. Verify that the charging contacts are clean. If necessary, clean the contacts using a cotton swab and rubbing on isopropyl alcohol.

    If possible, test the charging cable by plugging it into another device and seeing if the device charges. Alternatively, try charging the device with a different cable. This may mean changing out the cable or the adapter on two-piece chargers.

    If charging through a car charging kit, check that the car engine is running, and if possible try to charge other devices using other cables, through the same car kit. If none will charge, then it is likely there is a fault with the car charging kit. It is recommended to continue to cross-test devices, cables, and car kits until the problem device can be identified.

    If the device charges when using a different USB cable or wall charger, the issue most likely lies with the charging accessory. In this case, follow the approved charger repair / replacement process.

    Also, if the charger is connected via an extension or other multi-socket adapter, remove this and plug the charger directly into the wall-mounted socket. This will eliminate the possibility of a fault with the adapter.

    If you are still unable to charge your device, continue to the next step.

  • Has the device experienced any shock or exposure to water?

    Accidental physical shock to a handset can sometimes cause problems to arise with battery or charger, as these components contain delicate parts, particularly. Damage can occur either to the component itself, or to the component's connection to the motherboard.

    Water exposure can also lead to damage of these components, however due to the slow way in which this type of damage can manifest itself, the cause may not always be readily obvious.

    With any physical damage of this nature, the only recourse is to contact the device manufacturer, and follow their approved repair or replacement process.

Last updated: 27/12/2018
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