Slow or unresponsive device

This guide contains troubleshooting steps and advice to help resolve issues that you may experience when the device freezes or does not respond.

After performing each step, please test to see if the issue is resolved.


  • My touch screen not responding
  • My applications unexpectedly close or freeze
  • My phone is frozen or unstable
  • My display malfunctions
  • My device's screen remains black or white
  • I am having OS issue
  • My screen blurs partially

Troubleshooting Questions

  • Is your phone fully charged or have at least 30% battery power remaining?

    If your phone is very low on power or has gone black for longer than just a few minutes and is unable to wake from sleep, then follow the below troubleshooting guide to solve problems with power first:

    No power, battery, charging and charger issues

  • Have you tried switching the handset off for a prolonged period?

    If you experience a sudden loss of performance after a few hours of operation, for no apparent reason, or experiencing unexplained processor usage reaching 100%, turn your phone off for around 30 minutes. This will allow the processor and memory chips time to cool down, and will clear the processor's cache memory. If you are unable to switch the phone off by conventional means, it is recommended to pull the battery (if possible).

  • Does your phone crash while using basic functions?

    If your phone freezes or crashes while using basic phone functions such as sending messages or making calls, try soft resetting the phone.This may help stop any unusual behaviour of the processor which may be causing the freezes. Follow the guide below to perform a soft reset:

    Soft Reset


  • Are there active applications that you are not using running on your device?

    If your device consistently freezes while using multiple apps, try closing all applications that may be running in the background. You can find instruction on how to close applications on your phone by using the following guide:

    Close background applications

  • Is this happening when using a specific application downloaded from the Play Store?

    If, however, only a single app has stopped responding or closes on launch, try clearing the app cache or uninstalling the application. If this helps, then the problem is with that application. Make sure that the application is compatible with your device and, if necessary, contact the application supplier.


  • Is your device running out of free memory?

    In some cases, device freezes may be related to a lack of free memory left on your phone. Check your available memory by following the below guide and if necessary delete some old files that you no longer using such as apps, music, pictures, or videos.

    Check the available memory

  • Are you using custom wallpaper?

    Custom backgrounds or screen savers may also cause phone crashes. Especially if they are not compatible with your device. Ensure that your wallpaper meets the requirements and the file size is not too big, as this can use up system memory. Test if this is causing the freezing issue by setting the default wallpaper.


  • Have you tried switching Auto settings off?

    Some settings on your phone use more processor cycles than others, such us auto-brightness or auto-lock. By disabling these settings and configuring them manually, you can save yourself from future device crashes or freezes.


Last updated: 5/4/2019
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