How do I use my phone or tablet as a remote for EE TV?

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The EE TV app turns your tablet or phone into an enhanced remote control for EE TV. Browse through programmes and plan your viewing on your phone or tablet, then Flick to your TV when you're ready to watch.

TV guide

TV guide

Browse programmes and plan your viewing. Find programmes on TV now or saved in your Recordings or Replay menus. 



Found the programme you want to watch? Tap to watch on your app, then move it to your TV screen with a flick of your finger. Or you can use the Flick button if you prefer – tap it from the programme details page to send the programme straight to your TV.



Need to leave the room but want to keep on watching? With the Fetch button you can take whatever's on TV and bring it up on your phone or tablet. Press the Fetch button – it’s in your EE TV menu or you can tap the screen if you're watching TV in the app.

Companion screen

Companion screen

Get information about the programme you're watching on TV.

Press the Companion button while you're watching a programme on TV (not on demand content though, and it won’t work if you have a menu open or your EE TV box is off).

From the companion screen, you can:


    see details about the programme you're watching


    pause, rewind (and fast forward recorded or Replay content)


    control the volume of your EE TV box


    skip back to the beginning of the programme (if Restart is available)


    record the programme 


    share details about what you're watching on social media or email


    go to the programme details page (using the information button)


    change accessibility settings (where available) to include audio description and subtitles


Good to know

The companion screen also opens when you Flick a programme to your TV.

Using your device as an EE TV remote control

Using your device as an EE TV remote control

If you’re using a tablet, tap the remote control button. 

On a phone, press the options button in the top right corner of the app – tap the screen if you're watching TV in the app – and press the remote control button.

From here you can put your EE TV box into standby, pause, rewind, record, open the EE TV menu, change channel and more. The buttons all work in the same way as your standard EE TV remote.

You can move between remote options by tapping the buttons at the top.

Change to number view by pressing the number button (the one with nine dots).

Or open the keyboard by tapping the keyboard button.

If you’re using a phone, the buttons at the top of the app let you:

A - return to app

B - open the arrow button view

C - change programme up and down

D - open the number buttons

E - open the keyboard

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Last updated: 27/6/2019
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