Pay as you go packs

Get more for your money with pay as you go packs

Great news! We’ve added even more minutes and data into our pay as you go packs. But our prices are staying exactly the same. So, your credit will now go even further. Even better, you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of our new allowances, just remember to renew your pack. Here’s what’s new…

What changes are being made to Everything Packs?

We’ve put together this handy table to show you the changes we’ve made:

Plan name Mins Text Data
£10 Everything Pack Was: 150
Now: 250
Unlimited Was: 500MB
Now: 1GB
£15 Everything Pack Was: 500
Now: 1,000
Unlimited 2GB
£20 Everything Pack Was: 750
Now: 1,500
Unlimited Was: 3GB
Now: 4GB
£25 Everything Pack Was: 1,000
Now: 2,000
Unlimited Was: 5GB
Now: 8GB
£30 Everything Pack Was: 2,000
Now: 3,000
Unlimited Was: 8GB
Now: 16GB

What changes are being made to Data Packs?

Take a look at the table below to see the changes we’ve made to Data Packs:

Plan name Mins Texts Data
£10 Data Pack 100 Was: 1,000
Now: Unlimited
Was: 1GB
Now: 2GB
£15 Data Pack Was: 250
Now: 500
Unlimited Was: 4GB
Now: 5GB