EE TV set up guide

Looking for help setting up your EE TV? Select play to watch our video, or follow our guide for help connecting the cables and setting up your TV.

Before you get started...

  • Make sure your EE broadband is set up and working
  • Check you have a TV aerial (not a satellite dish). Rooftop aerials tend to work best

Connect your TV aerial to your EE TV box

If there is an aerial cable coming out of the wall, just connect it to the IN socket on your EE TV box.

If you have an aerial wall socket (but no cable coming out), please use the aerial cable and the adaptor to connect from the wall socket to the IN socket on the back of your EE TV box.

If the aerial cable isn't long enough or there's just an aerial socket at the wall, then the aerial cable that came with the EE TV box can be attached to it and then connected to the EE TV box.

Connect EE TV to your telly

  1. Plug the HDMI cable into the socket labelled HDMI on the back of your EE TV box
  2. Plug the other end into your television's HDMI socket
  3. This could be on the back or side of your television

If your TV doesn't have a HDMI socket, you'll need one of our special SCART cables.

To get one, go to EE Home Broadband and TV accessories and select SCART cable for use with EE TV. Once your SCART cable arrives, see our guide set up EE TV using a SCART cable for help connecting the cable and setting up your EE TV.


Batteries and power

  1. Remove the panel on the back on the remote
  2. Insert the two AAA batteries
  3. Put the panel back in place

  4. Now, make sure the power switch on your wall socket is set to the off position
  5. Plug the power unit into the wall socket

  6. Plug the other end into your EE TV box

  7. Now switch the wall socket to the On position

  8. Your EE TV box will come to life and the green light on the front of the EE TV box will flash

  9. Once it's solid green, the onscreen start up will begin

Set up your television

  1. Switch your television on - you'll see an EE TV screen

  2. If not, look for a button labelled SOURCE, AV or INPUT on your television's remote
  3. The button might look something like the picture below:

  4. Press the button, possibly several times, until you've found the name of the socket that you used to connect your EE TV box to your television - usually HDMI1 or HDMI2

Set up your EE TV Box

You can now follow the onscreen instructions to set up your EE TV.

If you'd like help with this, choose one of the following guides:

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