Fixing Freeview problems with EE TV

EE TV lets you watch over 70 free digital TV channels through a TV aerial. You'll find the full list of digital TV channels available in your area on the Freeview web site.

If you're having problems picking up all the channels available in your area; or with the quality of your digital TV service, see our tips below for more help.

Tip: unable to see programme information for ITV4 in your EE TV Guide? Follow our guide for help re-scanning your Freeview channels

Check your digital TV coverage and channels

Start by checking on the Digital UK coverage checker. The site shows the number of channels available in your area and the quality of reception you can expect.

Planned maintenance

You can check Digital UK's planned engineering works for details of any maintenance or developments in your region - if your TV service has suddenly stopped working and you've not changed anything, it may simply be a temporary issue. The site will also let you know when a re-tune is needed.

Check your TV aerial and set up

Many problems with digital TV are caused by problems with your aerial, or basic aerial set up. For more help, see our EE TV aerial troubleshooting guide.

Re-tune your EE TV

From time to time, you'll need to re-tune EE TV. You'll find all the help you'll need in our guide to re-scanning EE TV channels.

If you've just fixed a problem with your aerial cable set up or you've bought a new aerial, a quick re-tune will help get you up and running.

The weather

Believe it or not, the weather can have an effect on the quality of your television picture - especially if you're using a set-top aerial. Snow, high winds or high pressure weather can all cause problems with your picture. If this becomes annoying, consider fitting a new roof top (or loft) aerial.

4G phone signals

Occasionally, signals from 4G masts can cause issues with digital TV signals. You may remember receiving a postcard from at800 if they predicted you may be affected. You'll find more information on the Let's be clear at 800 website and information about how to get a filter to fix the problem.

Still having problems?

If you're confident your aerial is OK (for example you may have tested directly in your TV), it may help to restart all your TV equipment:

  1. Unplug your EE TV
  2. Unplug your TV
  3. Unplug any devices connected to your TV, e.g. games consoles, DVD players, Blue-Ray players
  4. Now wait 30 seconds
  5. Plug your all your equipment back in and wait for them to restart

If this doesn't help or the problem returns regularly, see our guide to restore EE TV default settings.

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