Restore EE TV default settings

If you're having problems with your EE TV box, it can help to return it to default settings. You won't lose any recordings. However, you will need to set up your internet, Replay and Recording settings again.

To reset your EE TV:

  1. Press the MENU button on your EE TV remote.

  2. Press the up arrow on your remote (that's the one above OK) to highlight the top menu.

  3. Move over to TOOLS & HELP by pressing the right arrow on your remote.
  4. Press the down and right arrow to highlight SETTINGS and press OK.

  5. The settings screen will open.

  6. Move over to ADVANCED SETTINGS by pressing the right arrow on your remote.

  7. Enter your PIN, and then press OK on your remote to ENTER.
  8. If you've forgotten the PIN you chose when setting up your EE TV box, get in touch - we'll be happy to help.

  9. Advanced Settings will open.
  10. Press the down arrow to highlight Reset settings and press OK.

  11. Press the right arrow to highlight CONTINUE and press OK.

  12. Your EE TV settings will be reset to default settings and the box will restart.
  13. After about a minute, you'll see the WELCOME TO EE TV page.

  14. You can now follow the onscreen instructions to set up your EE TV.

Choose one of our wired or wireless guides if you'd like more help.

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