Using the EE TV app when you're away from home

You can now use the new and improved EE TV app while you're away from home.

What the app can do away from home

While you're away from home, the app lets you:

Sorry, but you'll need to be at home to use these features of the app:

  • watch Live TV, Recordings or Replay
  • use the app as a touch control
  • send programmes or photos to your TV using Flick

Checking the status of your app

The status icon shows if the app is connected to your EE TV box and if you're in home or out of home mode.

On a tablet you'll find the status icon in the top left corner of the app.

Or in the More menu if you're using a phone.

  In Home - your EE TV app is paired with your EE TV box and connected to your home network. All the app features are available.

  Out of Home - your EE TV app is paired with your EE TV box and you're connected to the internet - you can use out of home functionality to include setting up recordings and viewing your TV guide, but some features of the app aren't available.

  Not reachable - your EE TV app is paired with a EE TV box, but your phone or tablet might not be connected to the internet. If it is, your EE TV box is either turned off, is in deep sleep mode or not connected to the internet.

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