My Places

My Places: network status updates for your most important locations

Our Network Status Checker includes My Places – an innovative feature that lets you receive network updates for your most important locations. Choose the five places most important to you, like your local area or the home of someone you love, save the postcodes, and we’ll automatically e-mail or text you about any planned maintenance or known problems in those areas.

How to add postcodes to My Places:

  1. Go to our Network Status Checker.
  2. Click on the Manage My Places box. You may be asked to authenticate your phone.       
  3. From My Places, click on Add to start entering your most important locations.
  4. Fill in the fields and let us know whether you prefer to be contacted by email or text message.
  5. Click Add - you're done!
Go to the Network Status Checker >

How to opt out of My Places:

If you don’t want to receive network updates to a particular place anymore, all you need to do is remove the postcode from Manage My Places. If you would like to opt out completely from all network status messages, just remove all your places.

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