iPad Pro 9.7 inch - Extensibility feature

What is the Extensibility feature?

Extensibility in iOS 8 and above enables app developers to integrate specific app functions with the standard user interface, which allows the iOS user experience to be much more customisable than previously possible. These are some functions that are possible thanks to the Extensibility feature:

  • Sharing Options - Quickly share photos, videos, websites, and other content between any app through the widgets menu.
  • Photo Editing - Third-party developers can embed custom filters and editing tools directly into the Photos app.
  • Custom Actions - Third-party apps can perform virtually any custom action, such as adding a watermark to documents, adding text or images to a wish list, or translating text.
  • Notification Center - Add widgets to the Today view in the Notification Center to receive custom notifications.
  • Keyboard - Install and use any custom keyboard system-wide.
  • Documents - Open and edit documents in more apps and share documents between apps easily.

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