iPad with retina display-activate the iPad

When you first switch on the iPad with Retina display, the Setup Wizard will walk you through some of the first steps you need to take to activate the lovely new iPad.

The Setup Wizard will ask you to set up your preferences in the following settings:

  1. Select your language, tap the arrow in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select your country, tap Next.
  3. Enable or Disable Location Services, tap Next. Location Services allows Maps, Camera and other apps to use your location to provide you with a more personal experience. Using this function does require a data connection via WiFi or your network.
  4. Choose your WiFi Network, enter your password (if required), tap Join then tap Next.
  5. Set up iPad as New, tap Next (if you choose to restore from iCloud or iTunes you already have an Apple ID and will be asked to enter it before continuing).
  6. Select Create a Free Apple ID.
  7. Enter your birthday, tap Next.
  8. Enter your First Name then Last Name, tap Next.
  9. Confirm if you wish to use an existing email address or to use a free iCloud email address, tap Next.
  10. Enter your chosen email address, tap Next (the email address you enter will become your Apple ID).
  11. Enter a password of your choice and confirm this again in the Verify box, tap Next.
  12. You now need to add a security question in case you forget your password. Choose the question from the list, then tap the answer field and enter the answer, tap Next.
  13. Confirm if you wish to receive Updates via Email, tap Next.
  14. You will now be asked to Agree to Apple's Terms and Conditions. To confirm, tap Agree. Another screen will then appear asking you once more to agree to the Ts & Cs, again tap Agree.
  15. Your device will now set up your Apple ID (this may take a few minutes).
  16. Confirm whether you wish to use iCloud, tap Next (Note: for this demonstration we have selected Don't Use iCloud).
  17. You will now be asked whether you wish to set up your email account on your iPad. If you do, then follow the steps. But if you want to set up later, just tap Next, then Skip.
  18. Select either Use Siri or Don't use Siri, then tap Next.
  19. Automatically Send or Don't Send Diagnostics, Tap Next (this sends diagnostic and usage data to Apple to help improve its products and services).

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