iPhone 4s - Add an appointment


    Find Calendar
    Press Calendar

  1. Use calendar
    Select calendar view
    Press one of the following options at the bottom of the display: List, Day, Month

    Add appointment
    Go to the required date
    Press + in the top right corner of the display
    Press Title and key in a subject for the appointment
    Follow the instructions on the display to key in more information, e.g. location, duration and reminder
    Press Done

    View appointment
    Press List
    Press the required appointment to view the appointment details
    Press the field at the top left corner of the display to return to the list of appointments

    Create new calendar
    Press Calendars
    Press Edit
    Press Add Calendar....
    Key in a name for the calendar

    Select the colour for appointments in the calendar
    Press the required colour
    Press Done repeatedly to return to the calendar

    Share calendar
    Go to www.icloud.com on your computer
    Log on to iCloud using your Apple ID
    Select Calendar
    Select the edit icon next to the required calendar
    Select Private Calendar or Public Calendar

    If you select Private Calendar:
    Select Add Person....
    Key in the required email address
    Select Share
    If required, select Email me when this calendar is changed.
    When the menu item is ticked (V), the function is activated
    Select OK

    If you select Public Calendar:
    Press Share

  2. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode

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