iPhone 6 Plus - Change the picture message (MMS) size limit

Change the picture message ( MMS ) size limit

Sometimes when you are trying to send an MMS and it fails, it is because the message is too large and the message fails to send.

By increasing the maximum MMS size limit on the iPhone from 200KB to 300KB, it allows you to send larger messages and reduces the instances of the error. In order to change the size limit of a MMS, please follow the steps below:
  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Mobile or Cellular.
  3. Tap Mobile or Cellular Data Network.
  4. Tap MMS Max Message Size.
  5. Enter the required maximum multimedia message size (e.g. 307200).
  6. Tap Mobile or Cellular at the top left of the screen to save the setting.

Note : If the MMS message that you are trying to send is larger than the maximum network limit (usually 300 KB ~ 300 000 bytes), you will have to make it smaller, in order to meet the criteria of the maximum allowed size on the network.

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