iPhone 6s - Change the SMS centre number

Change the SMS Centre Number

Find out how to change the SMSC on your device.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Phone.
  2. If the dial pad is not visible, tap Keypad.
  3. Enter *#5005*7672#, then tap Call.
  4. The current SMSC setting is shown on the screen.
  5. Tap Dismiss.
  6. If the SMSC number needs changing, enter **5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER#, (where SMSCNUMBER is replaced with the correct SMSC number in full international format).
  7. Tap Call.
  8. The message "Setting succeeded, Service Centre Address, No Address" will appear on screen.
  9. Tap Dismiss.
  10. Enter *#5005*7672# then tap Call.

The new SMSC number will be shown on the screen.

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