Blackberry curve 8520-making calls

Here's how to make, answer or reject a call on your BlackBerry Curve 8520.

Make a call

Follow these instructions to make a phone call.

  1. Enter the number
    Key in the required number and press Connect

  2. End the call
    Press Disconnect to end the call.

Answer a call

When somebody calls you, the number or the name of the caller is displayed and the phone plays the incoming call alert you have chosen.

Follow these instructions to answer a call.

  1. Answer the call
    Press Connect to answer the call

  2. End the call
    Press Disconnect to end the call

Reject a call

You can reject an incoming call if you do not want to answer it.

When a call is rejected, the call is diverted to your voicemail or to any other number you have selected.

Follow these instructions to reject a call.

Reject an incoming call
Press Disconnect

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