BlackBerry Curve 8520 - Text messaging

You can write and send text messages from your phone to another.

Follow these instructions to write and send a text message on your BlackBerry Curve 8520.

Please note: The message centre number needs to be saved in the phone before you can send a text message. Click here to find out how

  1. Find Compose SMS
    Scroll to Messages and press the Navigation key
    Press the Menu key
    Scroll to Compose SMS and press the Navigation key

  2. Enter number
    Key in the number and press the Navigation key

  3. Write the text
    Follow the steps below to write a text message using the keypad

    Write letters
    Use the keypad to write letters

    Write capital letters
    Press the Shift key to capitalise the following letter
    To capitalise several letters, hold the Shift key while writing the required letters

    Insert space and line break
    Press the SPACE key to insert a space between two words
    Press the Enter key to insert a line break

    Insert symbols
    Press the SYM key to access a page with symbols
    Highlight the required symbol and press the Navigation key

    Write numbers
    Press the ALT key and the required number key at the same time to key in a number
    To write more numbers, hold the ALT key while writing the required numbers

    Insert text
    Use the Navigation key to place the cursor where you want to insert text

    Delete text
    Press the DEL key to delete the character left of the cursor

  4. Send the text message
    Press the Navigation key when you have written your text message
    Scroll to Send and press the Navigation key

  5. Exit
    Press Disconnect to return to standby mode

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