Blackberry curve 8520-turn on the phone

Follow these instructions to turn on BlackBerry Curve 8520.

Please note: Before using the phone, you need to insert the SIM card and the battery. Click here to see how

  1. Turn on the phone
    Press and hold Disconnect until the phone is turned on

  2. Enter PIN
    Key in the PIN and press the Navigation key
    Please note: If you are asked to key in the phone lock code, the phone is protected against unauthorised use. Key in the phone lock code and press the Navigation key
    The first time you use the phone lock code, key in a code of your own choice. Click here for more information about the phone lock code

  3. SIM card rejected
    If the display shows that the SIM card is not accepted, it may be a faulty SIM card or a faulty SIM card reader
    It is also possible that the phone is locked to another operator. Contact this operator for further information.

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