Blackberry Z10 - Add email account

If you're trying to add an email account, you might need to use the advanced setup feature.

When you use advanced setup to add an email account to your BlackBerry device, the information that you need to enter differs depending on the email service provider.

Check with your email service provider to make sure you have all the information you need.

1. On the homescreen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
2. Tap Settings, and then tap Accounts.
3. Tap Add Account, and then tap Advanced.
4. Tap the type of email account that you're adding. For example, tap Work Account for an account that is supported by BlackBerry Enterprise 5. Service. For generic accounts such as Sky, Virgin, Tiscali etc, select POP or IMAP depending on the settings available.
6. Enter your account information.
  • Name = Customer's name
  • Username = Customer's username
  • Email Address = Customer's address
  • Password = Customer's password

Incoming settings

    Server Address = Incoming mail server
  • Port = Server port
  • Use SSL = On/Off

Outgoing Settings

  • SMTP Username = Customer's username (Optional)
  • SMTP Password = Customer's password (Optional)
  • SMTP Server Address = Outgoing mail server
  • SMTP Port = Outgoing server port
  • SMTP Encryption = Off/SSL/StartTLS
  • Sync Interval = Customer's preference
  • Initial Retrieval Amount = Customer's preference

Tap Done

The email account will now be added.

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