Blackberry z10-using BlackBerry world

With BlackBerry World you can browse and download games and apps to your BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry World is the new storefront which replaces the old App World. As with App World, you will require a BlackBerry ID to access and download applications.

Please note: For further help and advice on how to create a BlackBerry ID please see the BlackBerry ID section.

Search for apps, games, music or videos

You can search the entire BlackBerry World storefront or you can choose to search for a specific type or item. For example, you can choose to only search for games, apps, music or videos.


  • To search in a specific section (apps, games, music or videos), Tap All, then tap the section you wish to search and tap Search.
  • To search using a recent search term, tap Search. Tap a recent search term.

Browse categories

The BlackBerry World storefront is divided into four sections: games, apps, music and videos. Within each section is a list of categories or genres. For example, in the games section, you can find categories such as arcade games, card games and sports games.

  • On the BlackBerry World home screen, tap All.
  • Tap the section you wish to search.
  • Tap Categories.
  • Tap a category or genre.

Tip: After you browse to a category of apps or games, you can filter the list to show only free items, items for sale, or items with a specific star rating. You can also sort the list by name, price, rating or popularity. To sort or filter the apps or games in a category, touch and hold the name of a list, drag your finger down, and tap any of the dropdown lists. 

Scan a qr code

If you see a QR code, you can scan it to find a specific item in the BlackBerry World storefront. QR codes commonly appear on websites, posters or other promotional materials.

  • In the BlackBerry World storefront, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap Scan Barcode.

Clear your search history

  • On the BlackBerry World storefront home screen, tap Search.
  • Tap More Actions (3 dots) then Clear search history.

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