Car WiFi with the Buzzard from EE - How to connect

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Getting connected

Insert your Car WiFi device into the adapter that's supplied and plug it into your car's 12v power socket (cigarette lighter).

Now wait for the network light at the bottom of the device to turn on and simply follow the instructions on the Keep Me Card to get online.

Your WiFi password is on your Keep Me Card. You can also find it by removing the cover of the Car WiFi device - it's on the inside of the back cover.

Use the signal indicator to see which network you're connected to. You need a light blue light indicating 3G plus/4G or a dark blue light indicating 3G for your Car WiFi to work. If you only have a green light for 2G, you won't be able to get a connection.

Connecting devices

Car WiFi supports up to ten WiFi-enabled devices at once. 

To connect a tablet, smartphone or laptop to the internet, go to the network settings on whichever one of these you want to connect and search for your 4GEE WiFi network name - this is on your Keep Me Card.

Click connect and then enter the WiFi password. You can find this on the inside of the back cover of the Car WiFi device.

If you're having any trouble inserting your SIM, check out our Getting started section.

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