EE Harrier - Enable or disable silent mode

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Enable or Disable Silent Mode

Find out how to enable or disable silent mode.

  1. From the home screen, press the volume up or down button.
  2. Tap PRIORITY.
  3. Tap Indefinitely.
  4. To set a timer, tap For one hour, then tap the plus or minus icon to adjust the desired time.
  5. Tap the Settings icon to customize the interruptions.
  6. Tap Event and reminders to enable or disable events and reminders notification.
  7. Tap Calls or Messages to enable or disable.
  8. Tap Calls/messages from, then select the desired option (e.g. Starred contacts only).
    Note: This option will be only available when calls and/or messages are enabled.
  9. Tap Days to configure the desired days.
  10. Tick or untick the desired days (e.g. Monday), then tap Done.
  11. Tap Start time to configure the starting time of the priority mode.
  12. Tap the desired hour, (e.g. 22).
  13. Tap the desired minutes (e.g. 30), then tap OK.
  14. Tap End time to configure the ending time of the priority mode.
  15. Tap the desired hour, (e.g. 7).
  16. Tap the desired minutes (e.g. 15), then tap OK.

Note: Priority mode will by default silence almost everything, except alarms and priority interruptions.
Note: To disable all sounds, tap NONE. To disable priority mode, tap ALL.

Silent mode has been enabled or disabled.

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