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Check your connection

If you're having trouble connecting, check the screen icons.

These will show which sort of connection you have: 4G, 3G+, 3G or 2G. You'll need 4G, 3G plus or 3G to be on the internet.

You can use our coverage checker to see the network that's available for the area you're in.

Getting to know the screen icons

Traffic statistics help you see how much data you've sent and how much you've received. Use connection manager to read SMS messages from EE.  

Data usage

If you still can't connect, make sure that you have enough data. You can easily find out how much data you have left remaining and if you need to buy more through My EE.

Find out more about your checking your data usage with My EE.

If you've run out of data, just type in on a connected device to launch a pop-up which will give you more information about your usage.

You can buy more - learn how by following these links for pay as you go customers or pay monthly customers.

You can also use Connection manager to view your connection and how many devices are using WiFi.

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