Robin from EE - Kurio set-up

Find out how to create a child profile with Kurio Genius, just follow these simple steps.

  • tap start configuration to begin
  • enter your email address
  • tap I have read to agree to the Kurio terms of service
  • tap Step 2: security to continue
  • select your preferred security (password, pattern, pin)
  • you may now set up a child profile. This allows you to set application permissions and time controls for your child
  • select the apps you wish to enable for your child’s new profile
  • you can enter your child’s name, date of birth and gender.
  • tap on the pencil icon at the top to begin editing the profile
  • tap on the green tick when complete

Note: You can manage your child’s profiles and set new profiles at any time by selecting the Kurio Genius app when logged in with a parent profile. Once your child’s profile is created you can see an overview screen which allows you access to time controls, app management, web access and edit profile settings.

You have now completed the Kurio set-up.