Bright Box 2 Wireless Router - log in to the admin pages

Your Bright Box 2 has admin pages which allow you to check the status of your router and change a variety of settings. This article shows you how to log in and log out of the admin pages.

Log in

To log in to the admin pages:

  1. From a computer connected to your Bright Box, go to (opens in a new tab or window)

    Enter into browser address bar

  2. The router's login screen will open

    Router's admin pages

  3. Enter the username and password for the admin pages

    - The username is admin (all lower case)
    - The password can be found on a sticker on the bottom of your router

    Bright Box 2 sticker

  4. Select LOGIN

    Enter the username and password for the router's admin pages

  5. The STATUS page will open

    status page

If you get the error The router log in details you've entered are incorrect, check you've entered them correctly.

If you've changed and forgotten your password for the router, you can return the router to factory default settings.


To logout of the router's admin pages:

  1. Click Logout - you'll find this in the top right-hand corner of the router's admin pages

  2. You'll be taken back to the login screen

    Router's admin pages

  3. If you don't log out of the router's admin pages, you may receive an error indicating that a duplicate administrator is managing the admin pages

    Error message indicating 'Duplicate Administrator' - This device is managed by 192.168.1.xx

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