Bright Box router - enable or disable wireless

This guide will show you how to check if wireless is enabled on your router and how to enable or disable wireless.

Check if wireless is enabled

To check if wireless is enabled look at the wireless light on the front of the router:

  • if the light is on or flickering, wireless is enabled
  • if the light is off, wireless is disabled.

Enable or disable wireless

To enable or disable wireless on the router from a computer connected to your Bright Box router:

  1. Set up a wired connection between your computer and router
  2. Go to (opens in a new tab or window)

  3. The router's LOGIN SCREEN will open

  4. Enter the username and password for the admin pages
    • The username is admin (all lower case)
    • The password can be found on a sticker on your router

  5. Click LOGIN

  6. Select BASIC

  7. Select Wireless Settings

  8. The WIRELESS SETTINGS page will open
  9. In the Enable/Disable Wireless field, select your option


  11. Your new settings will be applied

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