Livebox - update broadband username and password

Is your Livebox @ light flashing slowly red? Try updating your broadband username and password to get you back online.

  1. From a computer connected to your Livebox, go to

    enter into the address bar, and click Go

  2. The Livebox Homepage will open
  3. Click on Access to the configuration pages

    click access to the configuration pages

  4. Enter the Livebox username and password

    enter the username admin, and the password admin

  5. This is different to your broadband username and password.

    - The username is: admin
    - The password is: admin

  6. The My services page will open

    My services page

  7. Click on My Services then click on Internet

    click Internet

  8. Enter your broadband username and password

    - Your broadband username will look something like,,
    - Your password is the one you chose, or were given when you first signed up. If you've changed your password for your account or email, it may be different

  9. Click on Validate

    click Validate

  10. The Configuration successful screen will be displayed

    Configuration successful

  11. After about 30 seconds, you'll be taken to the Internet page - if not, refresh your browser
  12. Your Livebox will connect to the internet

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