Livebox - restore factory settings

Resetting your Livebox will clear all your settings and preferences. This includes your broadband username and password and any devices you've allowed to connect by pressing button 1. You might like to print this guide in case you lose your internet connection.

If you're happy to go ahead, here's how to reset your Livebox:

  1. Unplug the power cable

    Livebox - power cable disconnected

  2. Press and hold button 1 - you'll find this on the back of the Livebox

    Button 1 on the back of the Livebox

  3. Reconnect the power cable keeping button 1 pressed
  4. When the @, arrow, and phone lights come on release button 1
  5. The WiFi light will flash quickly about 11 times
  6. The @, arrow, and phone light will remain on
  7. Wait for the Livebox to restart - you'll know as the exclamation Exclamation icon light will stop flashing


Press button 1

Our Liveboxes use something called MAC filtering. This means that each time you want to connect a new device to your Livebox, you'll need to press button 1.

Button 1 on the back of the Livebox

Remember to do this when you re-connect any other computers in your home.

Enter your broadband username and password

  1. Go to

    enter into the address bar, and click Go

  2. Wait a few moments for the page to load

  3. The Livebox Homepage will open
  4. Click on Access to the configuration pages...

    click access to the configuration pages

  5. Enter the Livebox username and password

    enter the username admin, and the password admin

  6. This is different to your internet access password

    - The username is: admin
    - The password is: admin

  7. The My services page will open

    My services page

  8. Click on My services then click on Internet

    click Internet

  9. In the Internet connection parameters field, enter your broadband username and password
  10. Click on Validate

    click Validate

  11. The Configuration successful screen will be displayed

    Configuration successful 

  12. After about 30 seconds, you'll be taken back to the Internet page - it might help if you click Refresh
  13. That's it - your Livebox will connect to the internet
  14. Oh, and did we say. Dont to press button 1 on the back of the Livebox next time you re-connect any computers!

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