Livebox - check WiFi settings

If you're having problems with WiFi, it can help to check you're entering the correct security key, and using the right WiFi settings.

Don't forget button 1

Quick reminder - our Liveboxes use something called MAC filtering. Don't forget to press button 1 on the back of the Livebox before trying to connect.

Log in to the admin pages

All your wireless settings are found on the Livebox admin pages. To log in from a computer connected to your Livebox:

  1. Go to in address bar

  2. The Livebox Homepage will open

    Livebox homepage

  3. Try connecting your computer with an Ethernet cable if the page doesn't open
  4. Click Access to the configuration pages...

    Livebox homepage
  5. You'll be prompted to enter a username and password

    - Enter the name admin
    - Enter the password admin

  6. Click Log In

    enter the name 'admin' and the password 'admin'

Wireless settings

First, we'll check your wireless settings.

  1. Click Configuration - you'll find this in the left hand menu
  2. Click Advanced and then Wireless
  3. We recommend you select WPA security only - if this is the case, move to the next section

    Livebox homepage
  4. If not select WPA security only and click Submit

    Livebox homepage
  5. Click Apply the configuration now

    Livebox homepage
  6. The configuration successful screen will be displayed - the Livebox will restart

    Livebox homepage
  7. Once the Livebox has restarted, the exclamation light will stop flashing

Livebox security key

Next, check the security key.

  1. Check the Livebox admin pages are still open - refresh the page to make sure

    click Refresh

  2. Click Access to the configuration pages

    Livebox homepage
  3. Enter the username and password again - remember this is admin and admin
  4. Open the Security menu
  5. Click Wireless Connection
  6. Your security key is displayed in the Security Key field
  7. Your security key is the same as a wireless password or wireless network key and is what you'll need to enter into your wireless software

    Livebox homepage
  8. You might like to try copying the security key to your computer's clipboard - then, you can paste it into your wireless software
  9. Oh, and did we say, don't forget to press button 1 on the back of the Livebox!

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