Technicolor TG589 router - Broadband connection

DSL Port

This port can be used to connect your router to your service provider’s DSL network.

WAN Port

The Gigabit Ethernet WAN port allows you to use your router as a local router.

Mobile internet dongle (optional)

If you bought the optional mobile internet dongle, you can set up a mobile data connection that can serve as a fallback internet connection.

PSTN Port (optional)

The PSTN port allows you to connect your Technicolor TG589 router to the traditional telephone network - the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). When the VoIP connection is not available, your router will automatically switch from VoIP to the traditional telephone network.

If your router does not have a PSTN port, this means that your router is VoIP-only. All calls passing through your router will be done via VoIP.

Please note: If you’re not connected to the traditional telephone network, emergency calls will not be possible when your internet connection is down or your router is powered off.

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