Technicolor TG589 router – connecting with a QR code

Your router allows you to generate a Quick Response (QR) code that contains all wireless settings that are needed to connect to one of the access point of your TG589 router. You're then able to connect to the Technicolor TG589 router wireless network by scanning the generated code.

Target devices

This connection method is typically used for tablets and smartphones.

What you need

Your wireless client must have:

  • a camera to scan the code
  • an application (app) to interpret the QR code and connect to a wireless network

Follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the Technicolor TG589 router web interface.
  2. Choose Wireless. The Wireless page appears.
  3. On the left menu, select the access point for which want to create the QR code.
  4. Under QR Code, select Generate QR Code.
  5. The wireless QR code appears.

You can now:

  • scan the code directly from your screen
  • print this page and scan the code from paper

Your app shows you the wireless settings included in the QR code and offers you to connect to the corresponding wireless network.

You can now connect to the network.

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